Canciones alegres en español para bailar

Songs of the 90’s danceable in Spanish

Gone are the snowfalls, the cold and the plans to take shelter from the bad weather. The thermometers are starting to rise, the days are getting longer and the desire to go out and share is multiplying. If you want to inaugurate spring in style, take note of all the great songs to put in your Instagram stories and get ready to succeed.

There are songs that never go out of style and Aqua by Barbie Girl is a clear example of this. This song by the Danish band has a refreshing sound that will be very difficult to resist sharing in your Instagram stories, because there is nothing more appealing than Barbie Girl, when you get together with friends and the sun begins to peek out.

This song has all the cards to rise as one of the best options to share after-dinner conversations with friends, which are getting longer. Cheerful, fun and especially appetizing for those moments of terraceo and tardeo with your friends.

Spring sound and of the most animated of the hand of Doja Cat. A song that is always promising and that you will never get tired of listening to because of the good vibes it transmits. It is perfect to share the most daring stories.

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Songs to dance to

There are few cultural elements more representative of the Mexican people than the mariachi. Mexico’s most famous musical genre is the result of a fascinating process of cultural crossbreeding that could only have taken place in our country.

A classic for all celebrations: young and old know it and all the guests applaud as soon as they hear its first chords. If you are looking for a song that will introduce even the most rejegogos guests to the atmosphere, “El Mariachi Loco” will be a wise choice.

No one, but no one, will be left without chanting this song. Festive, catchy, intense: one of the most emotional songs in the Mexican repertoire.  It is perfect to open and close the party and will get both young and old in tune.

This song quickly became one of the most popular at parties and more than one cocktail dress has been worn to its rhythm. It’s festive and catchy and appeals to young and old alike. This fun tune is what you’re looking for if you want to get everyone out dancing.

Joyful Mexican songs

The song has been so well remembered in Colombian culture that it even made it into one of Disney’s movies, Encanto, as the entertainment giant released a video clip showing the commercial of this movie set to music with this song.

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This is perhaps one of the biggest hits in the career of Carlos Vives, the Samario singer-songwriter who has not only won the hearts of hundreds of Colombians, but has also toured international stages with his lyrics of romance and that paint the essence of the national culture.

In 1988 ‘El Joe’ Arroyo recorded this song with which most people identify. A tribute that the artist from Cartagena immortalized in this song that describes the joy that is lived in the streets of Barranquilla. La noche is another of the songs

100 happy mariachi songs

A celebration of life is a time to remember, reflect and share the reasons why a loved one was special. While losing someone is often a sad time, there are opportunities for laughter and joy as friends and family remember happy times.

The most requested song for a traditional funeral service is “Amazing Grace,” a Christian folk hymn written by English poet John Newton. Many feel the message of forgiveness and redemption is a beautiful tribute to God’s mercy.

For a more secular service, or funerals with a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, you can choose from a wide range of musical eras and genres. When choosing songs to remember your loved one, listen to the lyrics of each song-what evokes a sense of gratitude and love? You can also play songs that you know comforted your loved one during difficult times. They will probably do the same for you.

  El moreno baila letra

A light moment allows friends and family to relax, share a few laughs and feel your loved one’s personality throughout the room. A break in the seriousness of the day may be just what Dad wanted.

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