Canciones romanticas para bailar en pareja

Canciones romanticas para bailar en pareja

Romantic Lying Down 2020 (VOL1)

Gone are the snowfalls, the cold and the plans to take shelter from the bad weather. The thermometers are starting to rise, the days are getting longer and the desire to go out and share is multiplying. If you want to inaugurate spring in style, take note of all the great songs to put in your Instagram stories and get ready to succeed.

There are songs that never go out of style and Aqua by Barbie Girl is a clear example of this. This song by the Danish band has a refreshing sound that will be very difficult to resist sharing in your Instagram stories, because there is nothing more appealing than Barbie Girl, when you get together with friends and the sun begins to peek out.

This song has all the cards to rise as one of the best options to share after-dinner conversations with friends, which are getting longer. Cheerful, fun and especially appetizing for those moments of terraceo and tardeo with your friends.

  Parejas de baile fred astaire

Spring sound and of the most animated of the hand of Doja Cat. A song that is always promising and that you will never get tired of listening to because of the good vibes it transmits. It is perfect to share the most daring stories.


The magic and charm of our Colombian singers could not be missing. From Fonseca, through Vives to Shakira, you will find songs that speak of this feeling and what awakens in each of us, making us vibrate with each melody and syllable intoned.

The singers and songwriters of the world never cease to give us songs with wonderful lyrics to move the love of your life. Here we select some hits in English with messages to give goosebumps to your partner.

Carlos Vives – Al Filo de Tu Amor (Official Video)

From then until today, the band continues to release techno and rock hits, being memorable the hit song Stop the rock (1999). Also composing and remixing soundtracks as in the movie and song Lost in space (1998).

Their styles vary between techno, trance and new beat. And they have a total of 2 albums, 5 singles and 1 mini album. The most famous and well-known song is Welcome to the 90’s (1992), song from the album Transforming Tune.

  Parejas de baile de bachata

This was a Belgian house, new beat, tech house and electronic music band initially formed by Jo Bogaert who teamed up with vocalist Ya Kid K. Their first single as a band was Pump Up the Jam (1989), with which they also achieved worldwide fame.

Marisela and 30 Hits of Puras Romanticas!

But along with the glitter of his rise to fame and the understated, modest serenity of his presence, we also see ambition in Rauw: “I see him as a person who wants to go further,” his good friend and collaborator, rapper Alvaro Diaz, tells me. “Like, ‘Oh, you’re telling me I don’t know how to dance? Wait and see. I’m not supposed to do that? Here I go. ‘You’re saying it’s not going to work? Okay. It’s like all those things are pushing him to go for it.”

Photography: Ruvén Afanador for Rolling Stone. Fashion director: Alex Badia; Production: HG Producers. Grooming: Millie Morales. Hairstyling: Alexis Centeno. Tailoring: Nery Montoya. Stylist: Darius Baptist. Jacket: Red September. Gold chain: Vitaly. Pearl necklace: Jewels by Dunn. Main photograph: Saint Laurent pants. Watch by Cartier.

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They clear the room so Rauw can change and he emerges dressed head-to-toe in Louis Vuitton: one of the outfits from the men’s 2021 collection, consisting of a brown turtleneck sweater dotted with tiny LV logos, matching flared pants and what looks like a giant wrestling champion’s belt. In the end, of course, he boards on time and discovers he’ll be sailing to the stadium with Ricky Martin, whom he’s never met in person before.

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